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The African People of Love is a non-profit organization, which accepts donations and grants in multiple forms.

Online donations are made through Paypal.

Online Donations We accept in-kind donations in multiple ways.Mailed Individual Donations

Direct donations can be mailed to: 

PO Box

Make checks or money orders payable to African People of Love.


If you administer or can recommend funding sources that would be applicable to our programs, please contact us at (616) 243-4131.

The African People of Love is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peace and coexistence between all those of Afrikan Origin. We provide balanced and complete information, news and views to promote understanding and dialog. We cannot continue without your help! If Unification in the Black Nation is important to you and you don't help us, who will? Thank you!

Join our Network if you would like to be apart of the African People of Love Afrikan/Black http://aplunification.ning.com